I heard about Elite Chiropractic through my massage therapist at school of medical massage, David Kessler.

I have been under care for 12 visits over the past 6 months. I came to seek chiropractic care for pain and clicking in my hip as well as pain in my leg.

Now, I am doing great!! NO PAIN and very little clicking only when I forget to stretch.

I would recommend Elite Chiropractic to everyone. They are very friendly, great at explaining treatment and great to make a person feel comfortable.

-    Beth                                                         

I found Elite Chiropractic through a friend that is already a patient. I have been under care for the past 3 months. I came to seek chiropractic care for pain following pregnancy and child birth.

The adjustments definitely help me and I have noticed a big difference in my pain level.

YES!!!! I would recommend Elite Chiropractic to someone else.

-   Sarah

I am writing this letter as a testimonial to the great care I received from Elite Chiropractic.

I had never been to a chiropractor and had been skeptical about what chiropractors do, as my background is that of traditional healthcare.  I received a recommendation for surgery on my neck and I felt this decision was too invasive, so I decided to get a second opinion from Elite Chiropractic. The doctor was thorough at reviewing my xrays,mri’s and gave complete information of what he thought the problems were, what he could do, how he would do it and the overall short and long term plan. I felt this was reasonable and thoughtful.

The doctor provided my care, explaining every technique and made sure I was comfortable before proceeding.  He answered my many questions to my level of comfort. During this treatment, I was preparing for an across the country move. This move required a lot of packing and lifting of heavy boxes. As a result, I did not have any lower back issues and actually felt stronger/more flexible.  This was a godsend during this very stressful and hectic time.

I also received massage therapy services from their massage therapists, who did a great job of identifying areas that were in need of intervention and they consulted with the doctor to focus on areas based on his clinical directives. I felt it was really a thorough team based approach that gave me great outcomes.

I will definitely continue chiropractic care in my new state. I feel that I will be able to avoid surgery and I feel I have more stability than I have ever had with my lower back and spine in general.

Thanks for your professionalism and great Care! Melanie B.