Tis the Season to Focus on Health!

This time of year can be stressful for multiple reasons. Activities, fundraisers, parties, year-end deadlines, school functions, and athletic competitions all seem to come to a head this time of year! Also, finding the perfect gift for the right price, for everyone on your list is no small task…especially if you procrastinate like some! However, be sure to enjoy the season, and take some time to relax.  Here are a few holiday-inspired tips for taking care of your spine, nervous system, and overall health:

1)  Stay hydrated. Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. An additional 8 oz. of water is required to compensate for any cup of coffee, soda, or alcohol you may consume.

2)  Treat holiday shopping like an athletic event. Stretch, hydrate, wear comfortable shoes, and take frequent breaks to ensure you don’t become overly stressed or tired.

3)  Stand at a counter or sit at a table to wrap gifts. Avoid sitting on the floor—this typically leads to poor posture, and potential back strain.

4)   DO NOT go to a party hungry! Eat before you go! I find this an easier rule to stick to than completely avoiding certain party snacks. If I go partially full, those “avoid” foods don’t look nearly as tempting, and I’m more likely to walk away with just a taste if I do decide to try them.

5)   Last but not least, visit your chiropractor regularly! This will of course keep your body properly aligned for holiday-specific activities, and any additional stress this time of year may bring.

6)  Make a snow angel, give a homemade gift, or cook something yummy to keep your spirits up and your blood pressure down.

Now that you’re informed and prepared for the upcoming holiday season, may the best shopper win!