Detox Your Life

January is a popular time for new diets, general health improvements, and exercise plans. Often included in these plans is a ‘detox,’ or detoxification program. I know this is a word that’s thrown around a lot, without a lot of explanation. This post is for you: what exactly is detoxification, and why is it important to my health?

Detoxification, according to Webster’s dictionary, means “to remove a toxic substance,” or “to free from an intoxicating or an addictive substance in the body or from dependence on or addiction to such a substance.” Now you may not think of yourself as “toxic,” but an addictive substance could refer to something as ‘harmless’ as sugar or caffeine.  Furthermore, in examining the labels of the foods you eat and the hygiene products you wear/use, there may be a long list of chemical ingredients of which you can’t pronounce. These are chemicals that can potentially remain in our bodies for long periods of time, and slowly and silently pollute our organs, cause weight gain, slow our body’s systems, and deplete us of nutrients and the ability to function optimally.

Because of our constant chemical exposure, and potential overload, detoxification may be a worthwhile means to occasionally cleanse and purify our bodies. Benefits of a detox may include: weight loss, relief from allergies/chemical sensitivities, improved muscle/joint function, increased energy, stamina, and mental clarity, and better quality sleep.

Some may wonder why detoxification programs have only recently gained publicity. The reality is that people have used herbs and food to detoxify their bodies for hundreds if not thousands of years, but the blatant truth is that our world today is practically overflowing with chemicals and pollutants, as compared to even 20-30 years ago, let alone 2-300 years ago.  Therefore, more people are making a specific effort to ensure proper elimination of toxins so that their bodies can continue to support optimal wellness and a healthy weight.

Personally I suggest a detox program 2-4 times per year. If you are exposed to minimal chemicals (eating and using 80%+ organic, chemical-free foods and products) and have no health issues, you can probably get away with detoxifying twice per year. However, if you experience multiple chronic illness symptoms (allergies, fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivities, arthritis, unexplained weight gain, digestive disturbances, etc…) a seasonal detoxification program might be advantageous, at least until the symptoms are minimal or eliminated. Of course, it is important to work with your health care provider to ensure any weight loss or detoxification program is done properly and safely.

We will be focusing on proper detoxification and weight loss throughout the month of January, because we know it’s on the minds of many patients as we begin a new year. This is a fresh opportunity to re-focus your health and wellness goals! Please let us know how we can help you along your journey!

Yours in Health,

Drs. Nick & Delphine Deignan

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